For this capital moment in the day we wanted to offer you a choice of fresh products, home-made or responsibly sourced from local partners.

There is something for everyone, do you like English style? So start with scrambled eggs with grilled bacon and sausages. Rather French? Croissants, brioche, chocolate breads (or chocolate for those who prefer), fresh squeezed orange juice, salted butter and even sweet butter, fresh bread …

And to accompany all this, homemade cakes, delicious homemade jams of Dame Cherry, smoked salmon, cheese, cold cuts, the famous crackers of Saint-Malo, various yogurts, and if you can not eat lactose there is some in sheep’s milk.

And we do not forget those who can not eat gluten, rusks, organic muesli, madeleines, bread …

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L’Ar Iniz  est parti en vacances …

A partir du 05 Janvier, notre établissement fermera ses portes et notre équipe s’accordera des vacances bien méritées.

La Réception sera de retour le Mercredi 29 Janvier pour toute réservation et notre Restaurant rouvrira ses portes le Vendredi 31 Janvier !

Rassurez-vous, en vacances nous oublions tout… Sauf vous !