the restaurant

​​Our Chef Michaël is a passionate and instinctive cook. He only likes true products and those who produce them. The search for vegetables, vinegars, butter, meats … of all his cooking, is a passion that motivates him to always seek and showcase it to share it with you.

“I do not send anything that I would not eat” is the leitmotiv of our cooks, who are proud of each of the plates that arrive on your table.

​​Our opening hours:
From Thursday midday to Monday midday.

Our closing hours:
Monday evening, Tuesday and Wednesday

In the dining room, the team represents what Cindy, the chef’s wife wants to convey: sharing, a professional but relaxed know-how so that everyone feels comfortable in the pretty room with raw wood tables. And of course, THE specialty of the house: a choice of wine for all tastes and especially all budgets. Here we have fun at all prices!

Come and visit our restaurant virtually below:
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L’Ar Iniz  est parti en vacances …

A partir du 05 Janvier, notre établissement fermera ses portes et notre équipe s’accordera des vacances bien méritées.

La Réception sera de retour le Mercredi 29 Janvier pour toute réservation et notre Restaurant rouvrira ses portes le Vendredi 31 Janvier !

Rassurez-vous, en vacances nous oublions tout… Sauf vous !