Exploring the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

The Bay of Saint-Malo is a must-visit tourist destination that offers its visitors an incredible array of possibilities. Between land and sea, its heritage, history, landscapes, and leisure activities are rich in diversity.

Saint-Malo: Historic Corsair City

Saint-Malo, whose history has been shaped by great men like Robert Surcouf, Jacques Cartier, René Duguay-Trouin, Chateaubriand, continues to enchant. The Vauban ramparts of the legendary Corsair City, built between the 16th and 18th centuries, encircle the city for 1754 meters and are classified as historical monuments. From Porte Saint-Vincent to Porte Saint-Thomas, the promenade is splendid.

The spire of Saint-Vincent Cathedral dominates the city. The Grand’ Porte with its two towers is remarkable. The top of the Bidouane Tower reveals a fascinating 360° panorama. Four museums allow you to discover and understand the history of Saint-Malo: the History Museum in the castle, the Memorial 39-45, the Museum of Long-Course Cap-Hornier, and the Jacques Cartier Museum.

Several remarkable sites also reveal a preserved nature. The Aleth cliff offers breathtaking views of the city, the estuary of the Rance River, the Grand Bé rock, the forts of the Petit Bé, and the island of Cézembre. The Pointe de la Varde, protected by the Coastal Conservatory, is a true paradise for walkers. The Parc de la Briantais opens onto the Bay with the Solidor Tower in the foreground.

Activities in the Bay of Saint-Malo

The Bay of Saint-Malo is renowned for its high tides; the tidal range is one of the largest in Europe, and when the coefficient exceeds 100, the spectacle is magnificent. At low tide, the foreshore is prolific for shore fishing.

Saint-Malo is a vast playground for water activities. Sailing, kayaking, surfing, kitesurfing, land sailing, paddleboarding, coastal walking, diving, fishing, boat rentals, cruises, and journeys on old sailing ships—every maritime activity is available…

Saint-Malo is also a unique destination for hiking, whether on foot, by bike, or on horseback. The GR34 trail passes near the hotel, and numerous tourist trails are developed in the area.

The events of the city of Saint-Malo

The life of Saint-Malo is punctuated by numerous events including:

Les événements de la cité malouine